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1) Usually a situation where a girl uses her good looks to get a boy to do something for her that she really wants or just a favor.
2) A person who is tricked into doing something unfavorable.
He got beavertrapped into going to the mall with his girlfriend!
by S&D April 20, 2006
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a man is said to have laid a beaver trap when he 'lures' a woman into having sex with him (repeatedly) with the promise of marrying her soon. After his hunger is satisfied enough, the man backs off from his commitment.

(this especially happens in conservative societies of developing countries where girls consider it a taboo to have sex before marriage. Hence laying a beaver trap is the only option for the sexually-starved & commitment-phobic guys. In such coutries, a man accused of laying a beaver trap is booked under the charges of rape)
Ajay: Hey Vijay, I can't believe it. How did you manage to nail that conservative gal ?
Vijay: Ya man, it wasn't an easy task. Finally, I had to lay a beaver trap.
by spunkTanker November 05, 2010
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The receptacle for used tampons and sanitary napkins found in public restrooms.
Gene: Dammit, they've got me cleaning bathrooms again tonight
Joe: Don't forget to check the Beaver Traps!
Gene: Fucking nasty...
by pinguin86 November 03, 2010
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This is synonomous to the popular phrase "shag pad". Basically a bachelor pad that attracts a healthy amount of pussy.
We need to get some girls over to the beaver trap tonight.
by Tinted August 19, 2007
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A beaver trap is a situation between a man and a women, where the man and the women are having foreplay and the man is expecting to have sex (they have probably had sex before) and the women stops and says "wait i dont want to do this i just want to talk". Thus the man is then forced to talk to the women to possibly get sex. Thus he was beaver trapped and was trapped by the women into talking to her.
"Dude me and my girl were messin' around last night and i thought we were going to do it and then she beaver trapped me into talking to her."
by brockstar1209 October 28, 2007
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