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A beatknickin' is an ass whooping from Pasa-get-down-dena (where the grass is greener and the girls are meaner) Once you have received a beatknickin' you'll never forget it. The beatknickin' is not your typical drunken barroom brawl, which makes it that more dangerous. Those at high risk for a beatknickin'; the party-goer who overstays his welcome, the obnoxious know-it-all who uses his loud mouth to compensate for his small penis, the delusional baller-on-a-budget that hits up on every girl in the room, completely oblivious to his lack of game, anyone who doesn't appreciate Kid Rock, or the fool that doesn't believe that there WILL be a quiz later. Beware, the beatknickin' knows no gender. Females at risk; any dumb bitch that your guy roommate brings home from the club, and she never leaves. This type of girl can usually be dealt a verbal beatknickin' which is just as painful, the only difference is you never have to leave the couch. Beatknickin's are not confined to the city limits and have become internationally known; the mere mention of a beatknickin' can result in an upgrade to first class, an obscene amount of airline bloody mary's, and a free pass through customs.

Warning: Do not end up on the wrong end of a beatknickin'!
If Coy misses this flight, everyone's getting a beatknickin'!
by MuffinlovesFirecracker September 24, 2012
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