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ok. so you've heard of fuck buddies right? just friends who do each other from time to time
ok, so hear me out, i got a sweet idea for all those religious chicks
see i was pondering this while playing WoW with c dav earlier, and remembered a girl telling me she wanted to save herself for marriage. so i thought, what about BEAT buddies?
see, just a guy and girl friend who 'bate to each other. that way, it breaks no virginal code, cause there's no penetration
Guy A: Hey man, Alexandra wants to save herself for marriage.. now we can't be fuck buddies.
Guy B: Well dude, you can still have fun and save her virginity too: just become Beat Buddies
Guy C: That's right, if you play it out right, you could become all-tim 'Bate Dates
by drew s June 15, 2006
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