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noun: A large Furry, bear-like marine mammal characterized by large claws, body of fur, and dolphin- like behavior when fishing or swimming.
a bearphin is a believed to be extinct marine mammal closely related to the Sea lion or Walrus. It is believed to be from the Enaliarctidae. family, specifically the Superfamily Pinnipedia. This sea creature resides in the waters the Pacific ocean ranging from Alaska to Hawaii. During the spawning season of its main dietary staple the Alaskan Pacific salmon, the Bearphin will typically swim upstream and jump out of the water, much as a dolphin does in order to catch its prey. Once the season is over, the Bearphin migrates down to the waters Off off mainland Hawaii for the winter months. The Bearphin is a solitary animal and can only be spotted during it's semi-hibernation season when it can be seem sunning itself on the beaches in Hawaii, typically laying flat on its back as to attract attention from a mate, generally classified as a "beach bunny"
by Lysa Webber April 03, 2009
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