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To take a big steaming shit in a friends restroom while jacking off and picking your nose all at the same time. Prior to finishing the meat beating session the performer 1)wipes two nose goblins on the wall approximately 4 inches apart (the eyes) 2) fishes out the large turd from the bowl and draws a circle (head) around the two boogers and places a poo nose and smiley face within the circle 3) releases a stream of baby gravy on the lower portion of the circle which symbolizes the beard. It is further encouraged that the performer of this act proceeds to smear any excess shit on the mirror, walls, decorative hand towels and/ or any small pets or children living within the confines of the home. One must also not forget to wash ones hands.....after all we would not want to spread any germs.
Mike invited me over to his house to watch the BCS title game....I, being a Ducks fan was a tad bit upset with the outcome. This coupled with the fact that his wife is smelly and has the head of a wildabeast helped me decide that a bearded happy face surprise would be in order prior to my departure.
by Mydongislong Suh January 13, 2011
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