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Because the bean burrito from Taco Bell is known to cause lots of flatulence, it is often timely to sing the bean burrito chant after eating more than one bean burrito from Taco Bell.
John, talking to Taco Bell drive-thru worker: "I'll have 4 bean burritos please."

Kareem, sitting next to John in car: "What the fuck? 4 bean burritos? Damn, you better open all the windows and the doors while driving or else this car's going to stink up like a portapotty at the redneck eating contest."

John: "Ay, dawg, chill chill. And listen to my bean burrito chant -

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat 'em, the more you go faster in your go-kart!

Putputputpupupup...vvvvrrrroooooom vvvroom!

Ya heard me, this surplus of methane can be used to inject some extra boost into the exhaust, thus increasing horsepower by about 2.7%. Holla back!"
by Adel7 August 23, 2007
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