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Bealls kids all buy their shirts from Bealls which is synonymous for having those dumb shirts that say 'If I throw a stick will you go away' or 'Sister for sale' that think they're funny, but truly aren't. They wear the same pants everyday, or switch off pants every week. They are poster children ugly Vans that you wouldn't be caught dead skateboarding in. All other shirts that don't have a dumb pun on the front were obviously bought from their mother. They wear backpacks that aren't normal like a camo one or a bright orange one, not your typical jansport backpack. They've been known to wear necklaces that they think make them look hardass.
'Dude did you see that bealls kid hanging around the auditorium steps'
'Yeah the one with the 'I see stupid people' shirt?'
by louis dink February 02, 2008
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