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The "prepared" beach-goer. Usually a large group of people, beach contractors can usually be identified by their large beach tent, excessive amount of drink coolers, towels, volley-ball net, and meat. Beach contractors spend just as much time setting up their tent, hauling their equipment from the car, and packing it all back in as much as they actually enjoy the beach. Beach contractors often come out on weekends, and stay for the entire day.

Maybe people dislike the beach contractor, because they are often loud and obnoxious; while others enjoy and linger near the beach contractor, because they can usually score food off them.
Kevin: Gee, Dave, I'm starved!

Dave: Look, it seems those beach contractors over there are just getting set up!

Kevin: Let's go linger and maybe score some food.
by Julia - Florida July 29, 2007
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