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Children that are usually the offspring of hood rat chicks. These children are usually unkempt and seen running around impoverished neighborhoods with little or no clothes on, although it is usually a diaper. Their hair will be either half done or not done in weeks, and the first word out of their mouths is usually a curse word. This is the begginning of the phase of becoming a thug.
Damn, did you hear those kids at that resturant cussin' and throwin food? They some bay bay kids
by KKeevviinn October 22, 2007
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Kids who don't listen to their parents and throw fits and stores in such and act a fool in public. Anyone's kids can be a "bay bay kid", regardless of race/gender/socioeconomic status.
Person 1: Damn, man I went to the store today and there was this kid who cried and screamed because his momma wouldn't buy him some toy! He was actin' a the middle of the store, in front of God and everybody...
Person 2: Parents these days raisin' a bunch of bay bay kids...they just don't know how to act...
by gustofwind June 29, 2014
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Someone who hits the G-spot and gets called the next day for another fuck.
I was hitting it so hard she said, "Damm"
You're a real Bay Bay kid.
by Esketitdone May 28, 2018
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