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Baudelia is a smart, kind, and independent woman. She is a scholar, but at the same time a hoe. She values education, but also likes to work as a stripper; she prefers night shifts. Over all Baudelia is pretty darn beautiful, but she likes to be called sexy sometimes. Baudelia does not appreciate anal. Baudelia loves shrek cause shrek is love and shrek is life. Baudelia is weird and crazy. She also as a black soul, that has been lost in the abyss for a while. Baudelia loves to read, especially pornagraphy. Baudelia has friends who like to lick her toes; people think she has a foot fetish, but nah it's all about toes. Baudelia is into Mexican boys and white boys, but she loves a boy who smells like frijoles. Baudelia is a descendent of La familia Del Sagrado Corazon De Jesus de Los Cubanos De Antonieta De la Trajedia Del Titanic De La Santisima Gloria Espiritu Williams. Over all Baudelia is really awesome and rad.
Do you know Baudelia?
She's weird huh?
by j.cb September 09, 2016
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