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battleswarm is a game,i heard that the japanesse version is named battle star,it don't have armors and junk like the original we play battle swarm,now lets move play as a bug or human,you're first level in bug is larva and human recruit,there is battle modes like defence,destroy the hives,capture the flag and st00f well you hackers out there,the game is still in beta,and as i know,hacks are only made for full version games...well that donesn't mean that its coming out for sure...thanks god we wont get spawn killed or head shotted or owned by an insta firing sniper...there is active,and in active you get money and EXP but in practice,you only get boxes,well boxes don't always betray you,you will still get a 15 days light sniper rifle :) if you want to add me as friend my name's enortos2,hope i see you "failing" :) and because its beta it means that it got a little ammount of ppl,i suggest you play along wiht Dark_Odin or Rolandxor (or whateva was his name) or an experienced friend,to crou-- wait a min,im not giving trainings here! GO PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME ALREADY!!!!!!11
genious1: holy crap the japaness version of battleswarm suck balls
genious2:told you brah,we still wanna hear the long cats story?

for those that wanted to hear the long cats story here it is:in 2012 long cats cleanse the world wiht fire and lazor beamz,the end
some random dude:cool story brah,now go make me some goddamn sandwishes
by enortos September 10, 2010
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