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A little kid or teenager who used to be a cod fanboy then became a bf fanboy after playing bfbc2 or bf3. They are the most annoying people you can find, much worse than cod and halo fanboys.
battlefield fanboy: C0D Sucks BFs d1ck Cod is da same sh1t 3v3ry y3@r BF r@p3s C0Ds @$$ 3v3ryone wh0 plays C0d is g@y
neutral player: Come man, cod is not that bad. Actually i like and play both of them.
Bf fanboy: Y0u s@y th@t cuz you suck at BF k1dd0!!!111 BF is for r3al man!!!11
neutral player: (facepalm)
by Captain ESS October 05, 2013
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