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A high school in battle ground, duh, known for it's aggressive/wild-roaming bunners, overpopulation of slutty freshman, and drugs like marijuana, black-tar, and meth. The bathroom urinals are most likely full of chew/dip. As soon as a bghs girl turns 16 she MUST get a trashy tattoo. The parking lots are full of shitty jeeps and ricers. Not a single attractive teacher presides at BG. They've failed at every sport but golf and boast more STD's than Kenya. If you ever end of having sex with a bghs girl.. wear protection. Your dick with probably turn black and blue if you don't. Whatever you do, don't fuck any bghs females. especially freshman.
"oh you go to battle ground highschool?"
"wow, thats a shitty school"
"I know"
"are you gay?"
"you're probably a bunner, drive a jeep, have been arrested for some kind of drug offense, or a whore, aren't you?"
by methdealer November 08, 2013
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(speaking as a future freshman): a high school in battleground washington which is notorious for hosting a colorful variety of potheads, steroid-dependant jocks, extremely not-so-passive-agressive bunners, and sluts who feel the need to prove something with their five million STDs. half of the student body consists of bunners and the other half is a mess. if you want to be in world full of the stupidest drama conceived, you're welcome to enroll at the front desk. there are only a few requirements; you must either love the bible so much you fornicate with it or hate it, must drive either a "mud boggin' rig" or a shiny camero your daddy bought for you as a "just-because" gift, and you must be fully prepared to deal with everyone here, all who constantly have massive trees up their arses.
You: Are you excited to go to battle ground high school next year?
Me: Oh, yes. I can't wait to become another face in a crowd full of incest, potheads, and notorious whores.
by abxdefx June 12, 2017
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