drunk, crazy, destructive, and bad, from NickelBack's "Burn it to the Ground"
I've got a fist full of whiskey, the bottle just bit me
Oh, that shit makes me bat shit crazy
by abra cadabrazz August 16, 2009
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The phrase came from Indian tribes who slept in caves. After long periods of exposure to the caves filled with "batshit"the Indians would start losing their minds. Some hyroglyphics illustrate people eating other humans including the face.
by Bat knowledge September 26, 2016
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A type of crazy beyond normal crazy. More "out there", "in their own world" kimd of crazy.
She saw him with that woman, and she went "bat shit crazy" on his ass. Everything went downhill from there.
by KeepinItREAL89 June 13, 2018
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when someone is a tad bit coo coo and was probably dropped a hundred and three times as a child
trisha paytes is bat shit crazy
by trynaproveapoint February 13, 2019
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