someone who has absolutely nothing to lose. batshit crazy people are different from regular crazy people because of their attitude and activities. a regular crazy person would shoot at a plane with a pistol. a batshit crazy person will jump off of one plane with a knife in their hands, onto another, break the glass and kill the pilot ... and land safely. in order to be truly batshit crazy the person must do the most outrageous things every and still return safely.
crazy: throw a brick through your window

batshit crazy: throw a brick through your window, call the cops, wait for them to arrive, tell them what they did, and still get away.
by maximushyrule June 16, 2008
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Word meaning "certifiably insane" Origin comes from the fact that bat feces contain an organism called Histoplasm Capsulatum that infects the brain of any host in which it infects and causes them to act psychotic.
The guy found out the paternity test results and went batshit crazy!!!
by medic1 August 12, 2014
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Sarah Palin, just delivered a speech supporting Donald Trump that made absolutely no sense, that bitch is batshit crazy!
by Redbitchbetty January 20, 2016
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Slang term to describe a person who has gone crazy, often to describe a tweaker.
My friend was tweaking and then he went bat-shit crazy and started talking to the walls about pink elephants.
by Bottom Twink January 22, 2016
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1. One who has a declined mental state, resulting from over exposure to a cave dwelling environment and/or lifestyle.

2. An altered mental state resulting from the consumption or inhalation of bat feces.
Yeah she could be shy, or she could be a little batshitcrazy.
by chuba May 18, 2006
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The adjective 'batshit' (almost invariably premodifying the noun 'crazy') derives from the fact that the guano of certain bat species, when smoked, vaporises as a potently psychotropic narcotic. The word entered the popular consciousness after one of several dozen guano collectors dropped his torch, igniting the batshit (which, as a fertiliser, is flammable) swathing every surrounding surface. The fire spread rapidly, but all the workers managed to flee in time - having, however, inhaled a considerable quantity of the smoke. The resulting deranged rampage made the international news, and "bat-shit crazy" was used in the New York Times headline. This coinage by the relevant subeditor seeded the general currency of the term, consolidated by a brief outbreak of the use of guano as a recreational drug, before even the most hardcore druggies concluded that it was just too batshit crazy.
by maxcct April 08, 2011
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