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"Batman Forever" is not only the title of one of the Batman movies in the early 90's, but is also slang for the sexually transmitted disease, HIV and AIDS. People may rightfully call AIDS and HIV, "BATMAN FOREVER" because the disease is FOREVER! Lets stop killing each other and ourselves. Wrap It Up people!
Make sure you hit up Wal-Mart and get some rubbers before you go to Lia's so you won't catch that Batman Forever.
by BET by way of Amber November 09, 2007
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Generally regarded as the worst Batman movie ever made. Starring Val Kilmer. That is probably why.
Josh: I heard that Val Kilmer drove everyone so batshit on the set of Batman Forever that they stopped being capable of making a halfway decent movie.
Nick: That sounds accurate.
by Jennasissy February 08, 2009
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