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bat-fuck insane is the adjective meaning "in a state of bat-fuck insanity"
It is often used to qualify gravy, old bicycles, wizards and the like.
The symptoms of bat-fuck insanity include sudden urges to watch Batman, to fly, to succomb to the total madness of the woooooOOOrld, and to rip cats in shreds.
Contrary to unpopular belief, somebody who is bat-fuck insane is NOT more likely to become mad at a zoophile than to become mad about Zoophilia.
"My mom cut my cat in two, spread his internal organs on the table and started throwing plates at the TV"
"Congratulations ! and what did you do ?"
"I used my cat's kidneys to replace my ears because I couldn't hear the sound of the TV anymore"
"I totally hear you bro"
"well I can't hear you because I have no ears"

-A normal conversation between two bat-fuck insane people.

famous quotes :
"You am bat fuck insane" - Santa Claus after his shower.
"This cheese will sound good on your grave" - Deadmau5 to his dead mouse
"I like trains" - a certain guy
by Omoraru December 30, 2011
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