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1. the haircut of a man, or potentially balding lady, which is usually known as the "horseshoe". There is no hair on top, but a hefty amount all covering the sides and back. This can be accompanied by a pony tail or mullet, making it an even more rare occurrence, such as Hollywood hulk hogan. Also referred to as the bas bas.
2. The Greek phenomenon soccer star known as Angelos Basinas, leader of the Greek national team.
1. Damn son, check out that dude's tight ass Basinas!!
2. Bob went to the club last night and picked up all the ladies cuz of his fine Basinas.
3. That freaky little slut could not stop playing with his basinas.
4. Last night Alex shaved a Basinas for Damon's birthday and it looked super badass.
5. That man is growing in the Basinas quite nicely if you ask me. (For men who are beginning to bald on top)
by AFab May 10, 2008
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