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bashoff (bash-off) (adjective)
If any of these conditions apply to you or your friends, you/them need serious help.
1) Watching and masturbating to animal porn/bestiality porn
2) Going out with a girl for almost a year and dumping her for 'greener grass' but being unable to get anyone to go out with him after that.
3) Ordering a four course meal, taking one bite, then acting like you are full.
4) Bragging about wearing clothes you have had since you were in 3rd grade
5) Being a hardcore baseball fan and acting like gym class is the most serious thing since oil drilling in Alaska
6) Being unable to beat anybody up without a weapon
7) Have had sex with his/her sister before, knowing damn well that she hasn't even had her period yet
8) Not owning their own house because they are too poor
9) Getting severe migraine headaches from butane lighter fluid fumes
10) A person whose favorite movie is We Are Marshall
11) A person who goes to bed at 7:00
12) A person who thinks that caffeine is more addictive than heroin
Dude John is such a bashoff.

If the person has done any of the above in the recent past, then it is used like so:

John you pulled a bashoff.
by T_P_T_P October 30, 2007
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