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A guy, that supports his son at a baseball game by fighting with another loud mouth father on the opposing team when infact he has no intrest int he game itself, and only goes for the fight. The fight starts by both encouraging their teams, and then start mocking the opposing team, then one will take their shirt off, then wait to see if the opposing father is interested in the fight, if so the one with no shirt will pour beer onto the opposing father then the fight commences. The winner of the fight is taken away by local law enforcement, as the winning dad says 'im sorry, i thought this was america, i thought this was america, freedom, i thought this was america'.

See: Southpark Season 9 Episode 5, The Loosing Streak
Baseball dad 1: GO California
Baseball dad 2: GO Washington
Baseball dad 1: Washington sucks! Go California!
Baseball dad 2: Washington owns your butt.
*Baseball dad 1 takes off shirt*
Baseball dad 1: What, what do you wanna do
Baseball dad 2: You better shut up a**hole
*Baseball dad 1 pours beer on Baseball dad 2*
Baseball dad 1: What i cant stand up for my town? what? im sorry i thought this was America, im sorry, i thought i was in America.
by Ex baseball dad December 24, 2005
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