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Used to describe the driver of any make or model vehicle that engages in overly aggressive driving behavior in a desperate attempt to get attention. Usually drivers of this nature could not afford to shell out for the mack-daddy-top-of-the-line version of their vehicle and have to compensate by trying to show off in their bottom-of-the-barrel model to win approval. base model ballers are extremely volatile and self conscious individuals that would not hesitate to defend their turf while driving. Approach with caution.
Dude #1: Whoa! Did you see that STi and EVO just blow by us while racing each other?

Dude #2: Yeah! Insane!

*after catching up to the drivers stuck in traffic*

Dude #3: Nevermind, they're just base model ballers driving an Impreza and Lancer. We got our hopes up for nothing.
by mickymickdondons February 11, 2012
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