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This is a small gland about the size of a kidney bean that sits above the vulva just before the vagina. It is responsible for producing vaginal fluids so that sexual intercourse is smooth and lubricated. Older women often have a faulty bartholins gland, hence they suffer from a dry vagina. The odour of the lubricating juice from the bartholins gland is often dependent on the womans diet, but in younger women the odour could be described as slightly fishy. Red Heads bartholin gland secretions are particularly pungent and cunnilingus is a very tasty affair with Red Heads.
Sandra my girlfriend was a Red Head and her bartholin gland always produced plenty of vaginal juice for my enjoyment during cunnilingus. So pungent was her odour that I used brown bread to mop up her juices and I snacked upon her secretions with relish.
by clinton sounds April 13, 2005
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