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A guy who adores the barstool culture way too much. In the winter, he will be seen typically with grey sweats and timbs. All year round, you bet he has a red sox hat with a huge "B". He is definitely a piece of shit but in Massachusetts its seen as cool and most college girls love it. They are probably always liking the barstool & totalfratmove instagram/twitter posts and tagging their friends in them too. They come out of the womb with a jersey of some team for the daydrink and they treat it like it's a national holiday and chanting is encouraged. Tom Brady is their world and don't you dare disrespect him. (El pres is cool tho, not his fault but just the culture)
Brad: "Saturday's ARE FOR THE BOYS! USA! USA! USA!"
Every normal person (that's not weird or a piece of shit): "What a barstool bro"
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by kguz April 20, 2017
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