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1. Someone, male or female, who is such a loose slut that either their vaginal or anal aperture (or both) is so distended as to cause them to fall crashing to the ground when they sit on a bar stool.

2. The end result of barsting, wherein the orifice is stretched beyond belief.

A portmonteau of Barstool and Hole.

Also shortened to barst.
Man that ho is such a barsthole, it would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!

I lost my condom AND my wallet in that barst!

Gay 1: Spooning leads to forking...
Gay 2: And fisting leads to barsting

Jane: I better do my kegel excercises, I am starting to barst.
Mary: Yeah girl, if you keep fucking around like that, you are going to need support hose for your minge!
by irretardulous January 18, 2012
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