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to accelerate quickly, to do something in quick sucession, to smash someone or something, to drill something, to demolish something, a general term for doing something awesome
the cops were coming so i just barnst it out of there, i barnst him
by merts mcgee April 07, 2011
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Supple term used to describe activities or chat that is playful, intelligent and original. Barnst is something you either posses or lack, there is no middle ground. It is also something inherently English, stemming as it does from traditional hi-jinks and tomfoolery of British yesteryear. Also known as 'Banter'. Believed to have originated from the a small town in rural Devon, UK... Barnstaple
"Oi! you stole my descriptive term for the word banter,"

"Haha!!! Good Barnst"
by Jimbobsquarepants October 06, 2012
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