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A horrific, disabling disease that is usually but not limited to infecting the large or "big" toe. Givin' the name bark toe due to the fact that your toe nail rots away in select spots and turns the nail thats left brown, giving your toe the appearance of the trunk of a well nourished maple tree, but an unhealhy toe. If left untreated it can probably get worse and your foot will most likely look like ass. It is extremely contagious. If your wondering who to thank for this pretty shitty condition you can thank one Delvin Nashville Country Music Superstar Sensation Extraordinare who didn't take medication correctly after an ingrown toe nail. Delvin Nashville currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and struggles day to day with his illness.
Do you want me to take you to the doctor, it looks like you could have bark toe?
by ryanmorgan February 25, 2006
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