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A phrase intended for humor - often exchanged between coworkers in the coffee industry - to set apart life experiences and attribute the occupation as the cause of said happenings.
"Last night- I got home. Drank one beer. Ate two cookies. Passed out before 7:30pm. (Because we have to wake up so damn early). Barista lyfe."

"You realize if we had to pay for all the caffeine we drink it'd be at least 150 bucks a day, right?" "hahaha!, yeah, barista lyfe."

Four espresso shots are simultaneously pouring. The grinder is running for two more. One drink is getting pretty with latte art. Flavors are flying into cups everywhere. Everything is perfectly coming together. And suddenly you realize your brain has no idea what drink your hands are making. So you shout, "There's a... er... something. It's tasty! At the bar!" Barista Lyfe.
by starjet November 04, 2013
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