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An ass-eating savage that runs a Facebook page by the same name. He is a Latino from the Spanish Harlem in Bronx, NY whose started his humble Facebook page of 100< followers and since then has grown steadily but surely to over 500,000. He typically posts memes found on ifunny and other places on the internet, and is known for his dank memes, love of bacon and booty, and satirical statuses about life and humanity. He was also responsible for rapper Lupe Fiasco recently taking the L over a Twitter beef between Bardock and his followers, known as the Booty Squad/Bardashians.

Posting this for now until someone that is less lazy and who has more time to be writing Urbandictionary definitions for internet socialites decides to write a more in-depth one.
Lupe Fiasco was rekt by Bardock Obama and his followers last night on Twitter after Bardock bodied Fiasco in a game of Street Fighter V.
by GreatswordGuts August 03, 2016
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