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<i>adjective;verb</i>1. surprisingly talented; 2. to be mysterious or cryptic in mannerisms with a agressive but positive personality to rally action or take leadership in a paranormal sense (psycologically) 3. one whom imbibes alcohol excessively beyond natural limits without compromising character or demeanor, maintaining control of actions without appearing as heavily inebriated 4. a metropolitan/rural cultured "Macgyver" 5. a "magliverman"
1. that was a complete "barcliff" manuever; don't worry i am sure you could "barcliff" something together 2. don't "barcliff" with me; (he/she)is the "barcliff" of the group; "barcliffing" the way you are could lead this group into trouble 3. that was "barcliff"; (he/she) just "barcliff'd" that bottle of booze.
by jbo-smash September 17, 2006
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