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an albino transgendered creepy mexican. loves to chew on dogs, cats sometimes horses/horse ratish with his vampire clip in teeth. snaggletoothed, with a unibrow. has a lazy eye and always has a noodle hanging out of his ear. there's all ways skidmarks on his underwear and he has braces made of animal toenails. his lips are chapped and always bleeding out pink pus. his crusted legs are 3.8 feet wide each and he has purple veins popping out of his twisted knee caps. He has no hair expect on his derriere & unibrow and has his nipples pierced along with his double jointed pinky toes. He also eats cactuses. only listens to danity kane. Enjoys gelling the hair on his darrier into 2 inch spikes and has a fetish forgirls with navy rooms
"barb farb has pink pus coming from his capped lips"
by barb farb June 19, 2008
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