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light form of a bitch
loose woman
cheap woman
It is a South American term, used in the song Baracunatana
Example 1:
"No llevo para mi casa una mujer baracunatana porque pueden pensar que estoy loco locolocolo!"

"I don't take to my home, a woman who is cheap and loose, because they will think that I am crazy."

Example 2:
"Por eso tu eres garuya, retrechera, abeja, bergaja, fulera, guaricha ... garosa, marronga, farisea, gorzobia ... Baracunatana!"

"That is why you are rabble, slick, bee-like, rough, deceitful, strumpet ... greedy, whore, cat, hypocrite, filth, and a loose and cheap woman."
by TheSouthAmericanChickkaa August 31, 2010
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