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The baptism of pepper is a sacred pratice used in situations of divine intoxication.

The baptism is performed only when an individual is so heavily intoxicated that he or she has lost all motor functions, ability to speak coherently or perfom any act which requires neurological conciousness.

The process of the baptism requires a simple pepper dispensing utencil, for example a pepper pot, pepper mill, pepper grinder, or even the common hand.

The pepper is to be dispensed on to the head of the indvidual at any spot, but as most paraletic drunkards lie face down the common spot is the back of the head. A liberal amount is required to perform a precise baptism, powdered pepper is prefered, but ground pepper may be used.

Once the individual is baptised it is common practice to shower them with empty bottles and other objects which are in close proximity and capture the momentus event on camera with view to using it to shame that individual on future occasions.
"Lad: Da cleeva was given the baptism of pepper by Shake and he will forever carry the burden until his passage to the afterlife."
by S. Ladavooch April 18, 2006
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