An organisation, body or person , that due to loop holes in the

laws of the land or its commercial sector/industry , is above

normal regulation that is applied to similar organisations.

Readers will note baord is very similar to Board - meaning a

group of people managing an authority/company or public

This is important since these structures are part of an established
framework and one never expects that the legislators can have
missed out including legislation to cover ALL factors, all in a

particular industry or sector.
One expects Hospitals to be controlled by a regulator, like most
industries. However here in U.K. - TRUST hospitals are NOT !!

According to 'MONITOR ' - that sector's governing body.

TRUST boards are not regulated in a manner, as almost any other
commercial or similar body. Especially senior management & board
directors. Trust hospitals are 'baord' - a law unto themselves.

Readers will declare , but what about the current enforcements so
wildly reported on. This is appertaining to patient care plus little
action on management failings. usually they chose to 'fall on their

Non Trust hosptals are governed & monitored on a separate system.
Liken to virtually all other 'industries!'

Whilst TRUST hospitals are cited here, one must expect other

'industries' where 'baord' is present.
by SamWoe November 26, 2013
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