pronounced "bah-nick-er" (and i'm not particularly sure of the spelling, sorry) it is a term used to refer to people who are natives to the Hamptons, in Long Island, New York. These people are also called "townies," or "baymen." Who knows where it came from, but very often people who spend their time year-round in the Hamptons as residents are very poor, and rely heavily on tourism for money.
As Billy Joel said, "Can't make a livin' as a bayman anymore," this bodes true for bannekers who are mostly uneducated and fairly poor.
The banneker had only three teeth in his mouth as he sat with his pole on Commercial Dock.

"Who comes to this bar during the winter?" Said John.
"Oh, only the bannekers, then they drag themselves home and never pay their tabs," answers the bartender.
by L Belle August 8, 2007