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The bang ratio is the percentage of people who "like" a post on social media that the poster would potentially like to bang. For example, if someone uploads a picture to facebook that receives 20 likes, 8 of which come from people that the poster would enjoy having sexual relations with, the picture has a bang ratio of 40%.

Because the general purpose of most men's lives is to have sex with as many people as possible, (and because they have an unstated sexual attraction towards a large number of their female friends) most men are constantly attempting to post things that will generate a maximal bang ratio.
Dude 1: "I can't believe you uploaded a picture to Facebook of you frolicking in a meadow with puppies and baby horses."
Dude 2: "Dude, girls love pictures like that. That picture has 55 likes, with a bang ratio of 85%!"
by SexySaxMan May 11, 2013
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