A company who says they "Specialize" in phones and audio. bang and olufsen is known for their enourmous prices and how chic or different their phones are compared to other companies. The only thing you can buy off the online is bang and olufsen's earphones and most of all their other products are secret i guess for now. Their phones start at 700 dollars equally. Talk about high matinence.
Dude! Holy shit is that a bang and olufsen?

Yeah! how did you know?

Because those things suck! they have the worst reception ever!
by Thek4 January 20, 2007
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Producer of high end home electronics, founded 1925 in Struer, Denmark. Famous for clarity and lack of distortion, their speaker range offers many options for the individual. Outstanding quality, high end design, and supreme sound have allowed Bang & Olufsen to pull ahead of the others. Famous for their jaw dropping designs and stellar performance, Bang & Olufsen has spread their product range to include Telephones, Audio Players, Speakers, Televisions, and full home automation systems, which have been ranked number 1 in the world. Their high prices however are do to the quality workmanship from every handmade product from the factory in Denmark.
Whoa is that the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 CD Changer?
Yeah, it can switch from disc one to disc six in only two seconds and that aluminum cd clamper is the fastest in the world!
by BeoSound December 31, 2011
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