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The self-directed act of saying no to compulsions that interfere with ones health and happiness. To quit or stop bad behavior.
Ban yourself from casino gambling.
Ban yourself from smoking.
Ban yourself from using drugs.
Ban yourself from eating junk food.

by Spence Moon January 24, 2007
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Ban yourself is an up and coming phrase that it slowly taking over Nottingham. It has many meaning which are all quite simular: "Get the fuck out of my face!" and " Leave me alone you twat!" are the most common uses for ban yourself, but at the same time it can also mean: "Please give me some space, cause i don't feel very well" (If spoken in a soft and lovingly way!)
BIG HEED: "I hate you so much, you piece of shit. Why don't you just fall on a spike and die slowly. I can't believe you are such a dickhead. You are a twat!"

LITTLE HEED: "Just ban yourself"

by Heed July 06, 2006
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