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1. literally: caribbean (especially trini) slang for buttocks, ass, bottom, backside.

2. figuratively: caribbean (especially trini) slang for a loser. but when you call someone a bamsee you are not usually very annoyed with them or anything, it is kind of a light hearted way of describing loser behaviour. if you really want to call someone out, you are more likely to call them a cunt. school children are more often heard calling each other bamsees than anyone else, but bamsee is still standard slang for everybody.
carrie-ann you is one bamsee eh? ah tell yuh doh mash mih foot when yuh walking and yuh mash mih foot again. oh gorm, gyul. you is a real bamsee.


oh shit boy yuh see di bamsee on carrie-ann? dat gyul have bottom fuh so. ah want to wine up on dat bamsee whole night!
by mikoism October 11, 2006
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