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Ballsnackums: (Latin Origin) Delicious snacks that are comprised of crackers, usually of the oyster variety, marinated in warm, juicy ball sac water. These yummy munchies are then dried and lightly salted. These are typically eaten by young men, usually homosexuals or women that are always hungry for cock.
(Adam): Hey Willa what you eating over there, it smells amazing?
(Willa): Hey man, just some ballsnackums, they're the most popular new snack out!
(Adam): *eats ballsnackums with wry smile on mouth like he just took a huge load on the face* OMG these are y-u-m YUM!

(Willa): I knew you'd love them, they have that great ball juice taste!
(Adam): Thanks, take it easy Willa!
by xonancygracexo October 14, 2010
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