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Pronunciation ball-in

a. The act of being fie.
b. To be flie and respected as a pimp playerr.
c. The ability to make it rain yo.
d. The capability to make it go down yo.
e. The ability to drop it like it's hot yo.
f. The capability to lean wit it rock wit it like a pimp player should.
g. The privilege to say "I wanna fuck you." and have bitches throw themselves at you like rain.
h. The privilege to have the ability to party like it is your day of birth.
i. Being able to Smack That; all up on the floor.
j. The reputation to be constantly licked like a lollipop.
k. To have the ability to Party like a motherfucking Rockstar.
l. To make the bitches shake that laffy taffy.
m. Being able to stay hard like a jolly rancher; and be sucked for a long time.. OH MY GAWD.
n. The ability to get away with anything because you dun dun it all.
o. To be a young thug.
p. To Run This.
q. To be so hood that you wear your pants below your waist.
r. To represent the Ghetto across the world.
s. To have any type of flavor Kool-Aid in your cup.
t. To know you made it.
u. To have to use 'Naww Meen.?!' to get the point across.
v. To have a drink and two-step at once.
w. To have bitches want to get like you.
x. To only want to get kcrunkk for Christmas.
y. The ability to lean like a Cholo.
Kelvin &+ Tomas: "Dayumm boo.! (Tatiana &+ Liseth) You balllllinnn'!!!"
Tatiana &+ Liseth: "Hellz yeah; we flie high. No lie. &+ You know this."
Liseth in the background: "BALLLIIINNNNN'" *jumps &+ shoots an invisible basketball*
Tanya in the background: *makes it rain*
by T&L Inc. July 10, 2008
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