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A mother, often a single parent, who has raised her child with one idea, to be a great ballerina in a great ballet company. To achieve this end the ballet mom will do anything to advance her little girl's career. The child herself, while she may love dancing, finds it less and less easy to cope with her career and her mom. Ballet moms watch what their kids eat down to the last calorie. Famous for hovering around dressing rooms and driving beaten up old cars, she'd never waste money on a new one when point shoes have to be bought, along with leotards, lambs wool, woollite, ribbons for the shoes and all the other junk that's required. When she hits 60, when her little darling hits 30 and it's all over for them both. See Soccer Mom. They are sisters under the skin. The ballet mom is always the poorer sister.
Natalie Portman's mother in Black Swan, except two big errors: Ballet moms rarely have their own career or interests,
and they would never ever buy their daughter a cake. For the ballet mom, where others see a cake shop, she sees an empty block of land with weeds growing on it.

One famous US ballet mom was reputed to carry a small hand gun in her purse.
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