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a small place where everybody knows everybody. & everybody's business. they drink & ride the dirt roads late at night. & steal roads like crazy.
hey man, lets ride the irt roads tonight, get drunk & steal some baker county road signs :
by kcrews073 August 09, 2008
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An under-rated mysterious region outside of jacksonville, fl. Its legendary homegrown, oxys, shine, imported tampa beans, and over-abundancy of free shrooms, are the result of many generations of this rural utopia's inhabitants' desire to be baked, oxidized, belligerant, or trollin out of their country-ass minds. Recent downfalls of this mysterious haven have included, but are not limited to: fucking people from jacksonville migrating here and not understanding that everyone has a shotgun or five, so they need to just shut the fuck up and go back east(a rare few are cool); old fuckers from up north that cant fuckin drive!; CUZ's not selling to almost anybody anymore; rarely being able to get a fat dime in the hood anymore (having to venture to glen, sanderson, or even fucking olustee for an ample fat sack. **if you're cool with at least 10 brothas, you may be able to get hooked up in margaretta, but this is rare); the cemetary off of snake road not being a good smoke spot anymore due to...; recent sheriffs and some city leaders not being smokers; cops (even though you probably know them or are kin to them somehow) actually telling you quiet down at parties!?; less hot ass high school teachers givin it up; and finally, fuckin gas bein so damn high that you cant hardly afford to get fucked up AND ride 90, so chillin at the house or on a dirt road is what you have to settle for.
If you dont know what a dogbox is or you've never said 10-4, you are not from baker county.

Ignorant bastards from jax beach actually BUY shrooms from baker county.

Lake citian: we were going to jacksonville, but this old country dude at CUZ's in baker county asked us to smoke. we got so blazed that we forgot to go to jacksonville

by zjizzle November 20, 2007
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