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The action of slapping of a sexual partner's outer thigh, buttock or groin popularized in pornographic movies for circa 1987. This additional stimulus apparently raising the erotic tension of both partners.

The terms apparently represents the cloud of dust resulting from the deliberate slapping of livestock during their evaluation in middle Eastern and North African trading circles.
In "Out Numbered 5' - a salacious and much overlooked contemporary masterpiece directed by Erik Everhard. Ever a perfectionist, Erik makes several cameo appearances during the superficially and deliberately obvious dilemma between Erik and subtle but evil twin. Subterfuge and counterplot provide more than enough tension, but when the Evil Erik realizes his time has come, and Newbie and teasingly reserved newcomer mounts his weakening evil tower of flesh and mocks him with "Bakaak, Bakaak" whist slapping his pale flabby thighs with a coconut shet.
by Delphi_of_Oracle June 18, 2011
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