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An email or text message sent to excuse oneself from assisting in a project, thereby fucking over the person undertaking it. Film students are notorious for it.
Dude, I just got bail-mails from my entire camera and sound departments. How the fuck am I suppose to shoot my thesis film?
by Mr. Wuggs March 25, 2011
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An email used to excuse oneself from a date, appointment, or other commitment.
This is usually sent to someone that is known to have a wireless email device and it is usually sent close to the last minute. Bailmail is most frequently sent from someone who has found something better to do.
Bailer: This party is amazing!
Bailer's Buddy: Hey, don't you have to get to that dance thing in a few minutes?
Bailer: Nope. As soon as I found out there were free drinks here, I fired off a bailmail. I'm set for the night.
by Vibond September 28, 2007
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