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A wild version of a BeeZee. A BaheeZahee are always up for a good time. They know how to Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, and Carpe Omnia. A BaheeZahee is also used to emphasize the closeness or brotherhood or strength of your relationship. A BaheeZahee is very intelligent and profound.

They are self motivated, confident, self loving, and put others before them. They understand that Love and Positive Energy reciprocates. Which is why they give more then they receive and listen more than they speak.

A BaheeZahee are willing to take risks and know that no risk is a bad risk. They know that there are no accidents that when things are meant to be that everything falls into place like it should. They never flake out and always do and say what they mean. A BaheeZahee’s loyalty last for life.

A BaheeZahee means that you got the sauce not the juice. If you’re searching for this than you know that you’re a BaheeZahee; the Frosted Flakes and not the corn flakes. BaheeZahee’s are living legends! BaheeZahee sets trends and records. They don’t set the bar they are the bar!
I like how everyone enjoyed your presence it’s because you’re a BaheeZahee!

Let’s BaheeZahee all day!

BaheeZahee are you ready to have a fun night? BaheeZahee of course I’m ready!
by Chrissica September 03, 2019
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