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A red area at the tip of Bagel Sniffers nose. Develops
after repeated bagel sniffings. Often made worse by
presence of salt, poppy seeds, and even onions.

Sometimes goes unnoticed due to brown nose condition.
Furthermore, if bagel sniffer finds any pastries, bagel
rash may also become encrusted in chocolate, sugar glaze,
or cinnamon.

Encrustation around bagel rash will often end up on bagel
sniffers right index finger for these reasons:

- he picks his nose.
- he repeatedly employs the nose goes method of task avoidance.
- he does not want the free food particles to go to waste.
person 1: I’m having trouble downloading the software.
person 2: Your supposed to call bagel sniffer down to help you.
person 1: No way, it’s Friday, he’s got a terrible bagel rash today.
person 2: Oh my god, I thought that was a clump of dried mucus.
person 2: Yeah, that dumb ass will only make things worse anyways.
person 1: Don’t take my lines god damn it.
person 2: Ok, I’m sorry.
by AlexTheNewGuy January 20, 2006
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