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when you see a person of the opposite sex and they are so effed up looking all you can say is what the fuck and upon further inspection all you can repeatedly say is what the fuck.
your at the club and you see a person of the opposite sex checkin you out and you accidentally make eye contact. for that split second you made eye contact you realize how hideious that person looked. the moment instantly became so awkward and horrible you want to rip your eyes from your face and smash them on the floor. in your drunken state you dont realize that the person with whom you made unfortunate eye contact with is now right behind you trying to talk to you. and you turn around and are amazed at the atrocities that god had done to this human being and all you can say is what the fuck.... you say you got to go to the bathroom. when in fact you discreetly meet back up with your friends on the other side of the bar and tell you friends that you ran into a bag of what the fuck.
by screwbnoob March 29, 2007
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