An Irish phrase used to describe a gathering of lads with plastic bags full of warm beer/cider (usually Dutch Gold or Bulmers) with intent to intake the said alcohol, most likely in an empty field or bush. Has been also known to occur in yer wan's gaff.
Hey, are ye coming to the field behind my house to have a bag of cans with the lads?

Heck yes friendo!
by Rawwwb tho May 5, 2017
term used around Ireland for the process of buying four or more cans with some friends and drinking them in a public area (such as Galway's Spanish Arch). The bag in question must be a cheap plastic bag that stretches with the weight of the lovely cans. The cans can be anything other than orchard thieves or outcider
It's big bag of cans with the lads weather today who's up for walking to gala with me?

Lad 1: "Ah sham I'm dying after last night"
Lad 2: "Nothing a big fucking bag a cans with the lads won't fix"
Lad 1: "Dead right suiblic , send out a snap there to the boys"
by 8cansofdutch June 28, 2017