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1. any female who commits sexual acts to get a sack of dope
2. any female who uses her sex appeal to get high
3. any female who only hangs aroung to get high
Yeah so I heard amber became a bag ho?
by dakota bongwater February 07, 2004
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bag ho (noun) From the formal "Bag Whore," used to refer to anyone who exchanges sexual favors in the attempt to acquire your crystal methamphetamine, often a desparate act.
Dude, that lousy cocksucking gutter-butt smoked up all my muthafuckin' dope.
by Ned Ludd July 28, 2005
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Anyone who chases the bag of dope.
both genders ( not just females) are prone to not have enough money to take care their meth (can be any drug really) habit. There for they have to hang with someone who has the drug. They will hang with anyone. Even the worst person in the world. they'll sleep with whom ever just to get "high".
EXAMPLE: James is such a friggen "bag ho". He just goes from place to place. Doesn't matter who it is, as long as they have dope. He's slept with some really nasty, gross bitches just to get high.
by kittyNdahood May 09, 2010
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girls that are only after money,weed or alcohol.
those bag hoes as soon as they found out i had a bottle they wanted to kick it
by thecakebeater June 23, 2010
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