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When your mate repeatedly cancels on organised events which he has known about for weeks or even months with little or no notice, or good reason.
Nigel Wagner said he couldn't come to an organised 30th birthday party of a supposedly close friend who he lived with for a year, and by way of notification via a text message at 14:09 the day before the event. This is an extreme example of badmatesmanship.
by notabadmate December 13, 2010
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Going one better than Wagner and cancelling at 5:55 when agreed to meet up at 6:15 witha crap text saying something along the lines of " feel grimulease, gonna give it a miss..."
Wills heading to Liverpool street to meet up.

Stinkin Perfetti sends a text 20 mins before they are ment to meet.

" Alright Geeze, gonna have to give it a miss, feelin Grimulease"

This is a worse example than the Wagner example of Badmatesmanship. People usually showing this level of Badmatesmanship often have aids.
by ace elliott February 23, 2011
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